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Each of our rooms have electric lift massage tables with full table heating and body support body systems along with very comfortable gel face cradles. We offer therapeutic treatment oriented massage while at the same time take great care to create a soothing environment with beautiful music piped into quiet peaceful rooms. We are a small establishment and our therapists love their work at the clinic and have a true passion for massage and wellness. Every sessions is unique to the client's personal care needs and so you will never feel like you are just part of a routine or "factory line" type massage!

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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage includes techniques such as muscle kneading, squeezing and stretching, friction and trigger point work. Techniques and pressure levels vary and are based on the individual needs and comfort level during each session. Each of our therapists are able to provide DEEP TISSUE massage as well as restorative RELAXATION massage or in combination. Massage increases blood flow, relaxes the central nervous system and flushes out metabolic waste, helping to promote an excellent environment for healing.  Massage is one of the most powerful mediums to "stay tuned" into the needs of your body, one of the most important components of preventative health!  For this reason, we encourage clients to explore how to best include Massage Therapy as an ongoing part of a healthy and active lifestyle.  Did you know that massage is also beneficial for infants, children, women in all stages of pregnancy and the elderly?

This dynamic therapy is an ancient healing art form which has been modernized with the introduction of flexible silicon cups and easy to use glass cups with suction bulbs. Cupping uses negative pressure to gently lift  tissue which helps to create space within compressed tissue. This allows for draining excess interstitial fluids and toxins, loosens adhered tissue and brings fresh blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. A Cupping Massage session is an amazing combination of traditional Swedish massage with cupping massage. Clients are raving about this new therapy which has made dramatic improvements with both chronic and acute muscular skeletal problems as well as creating a deep sense of relaxation throughout their whole body! Prices are the same for massage when cupping is incorporated.

Contemporary Cupping Massage


90 Minute Massage   $125.00

75 Minute Massage   $110.00

60 Minute Massage   $95.00

45 Minute Massage   $80.00*

30 Minute Massage   $65.00*
 *As of September 1st 2018

Contemporary Cupping Massage, Oshawa Massage Therapy, Durham Region Massage, Durham Region Reflexology

* Note: 1/2 hr and 3/4 hr sessions are not recommended for your initial visit to the clinic. Your therapist may recommend a treatment protocol of shorter treatment times done more frequently. Longer treatments are generally used for initial full body assessment sessions or for full body regular maintenance or deep relaxation.

Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Whitby, Durham Region Reflexology, Osteopathy Durham Region

Hotstone Therapy

This modality is quickly becoming one of our most popular! Hotstone Massage is wonderful for eliciting high levels of relaxation and is also extremely beneficial for the treatment of most muscular skeletal problems. Hot as well as cold stones are placed on strategic areas for specific therapeutic effects. The stones are also used during the treatment as a massage tool along with the massage oils to produce a deep and soothing effect. please note that a small portion of the booking time includes time for set up and clean up of products used in this work.


90 Minute Hotstone   $150.00

75 Minute Hotstone   $135.00

60 Minute Hotstone   $120.00
       *As of September 1st 2018

Hotstone Therapy Whitby, Whitby VibroAcoustic Therapy, Psychological Therapy Whitby, Whitby Electromagnetic Wellness

Massage with Energy Work is the creative process of combining Swedish Massage with some of these components; Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Breath Work, Mind Body Work or Guided Meditation/Visualization, based on the client's need. This approach to massage is a recommended for clients who have experience with personal/spiritual or energetic work or are wanting to explore this aspect of personal wellness. Leeson Clifton RMT offers this treatment.

Massage & Energy Work


90 Minute Massage   $125.00

75 Minute Massage   $110.00

Psychospiritual Energetic Massage Whitby

Payment Methods

Payment is due on receipt of service.

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All prices above include HST.

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Staff Directory & Emails

Kayla Anderson RMT – ext. 109 (email kayla@whitbymassage.com)

Michelle Bishop – ext. 110 (email michelle@whitbymassage.com)

Donna Carmichael – ext. 107 (email donna@whitbymassage.com)

Cheri Chapple RMT – ext. 104 (email cheri@whitbymassage.com)

Christine Elste RMT – ext. 103 (email christine@whitbymassage.com)

Mercedes Haggart   RMT – ext. 108 (email mercedes@whitbymassage.com)

Gina Haughian  RMT – ext. 112 (email gina@whitbymassage.com)

Adia Huss-Solomon RMT – ext. 105 (email adia@whitbymassage.com)

Pierre Langlois RMT – ext. 116 (email pierre@whitbymassage.com)

Omar Lunan RMT – ext. 115 (email omar@whitbymassage.com)

Rachel Lynde RMT – ext. 117 (email rachel@whitbymassage.com)

Candace Morrison-Gage – ext. 113 (email candace@whitbymassage.com)

Dr Diane Peters (email diane@whitbymassage.com)

Jennifer Rhines – ext. 118 (email jenn@whitbymassage.com)

Martez Shcmbri-Diskey RMT, CST-D – x. 106 (martez@whitbymassage.com)

Cara Stevens – ext. 114 (email cara@whitbymassage.com)

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